Social Justice, Archetypal Remedies, Restricted Air Spaces & Alien Encounters, OH MY!!!!

      Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020 in Aquarius There is  good news in this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, what I am calling the social justice conjunction. The astrological configurations beyond of 2021 may not be always easy but the overarching energy of this special configuration is one of slow, methodical  growth, hope, positivityContinue reading “Social Justice, Archetypal Remedies, Restricted Air Spaces & Alien Encounters, OH MY!!!!”

An Abolishionists’ * Asteroid Tale*

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2020 15 Sagittarius Time for another installment of *Asteroid Tales* In loving memory: We are currently reeling and in the throws of enormous civil unrest from the senseless murder of  George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN,  happening in the back drop of a Corona Virus Pandemic and lockdown. ( to readContinue reading “An Abolishionists’ * Asteroid Tale*”

Wuhan Asteroid , A Cautionary Tale

Introduction: Asteroid Wuhan My friend and colleague Brenda Wilson alerted me to the movement of the asteroid Wuhan and its synchronicity with timing of the current pandemic. I am sharing her wonderful article below. In brief, the asteroid Wuhan (discovered in 1980 at the Purple Mountain Observatory) entered into Capricorn in early January shortly beforeContinue reading “Wuhan Asteroid , A Cautionary Tale”