An Abolishionists’ * Asteroid Tale*

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2020 15 Sagittarius Time for another installment of *Asteroid Tales* In loving memory: We are currently reeling and in the throws of enormous civil unrest from the senseless murder of  George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN,  happening in the back drop of a Corona Virus Pandemic and lockdown. ( to readContinue reading “An Abolishionists’ * Asteroid Tale*”

Wuhan Asteroid , A Cautionary Tale

Introduction: Asteroid Wuhan My friend and colleague Brenda Wilson alerted me to the movement of the asteroid Wuhan and its synchronicity with timing of the current pandemic. I am sharing her wonderful article below. In brief, the asteroid Wuhan (discovered in 1980 at the Purple Mountain Observatory) entered into Capricorn in early January shortly beforeContinue reading “Wuhan Asteroid , A Cautionary Tale”