Daimons of Distinction

Article Appeared in Solstice Publication 2021 of the Organization for Professional Astrologers Magazine: Career Astrologer

The Asteroids:  Daimons of Distinction

Personal Genius

According to NASA, asteroids are small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun. The Asteroid Belt is a large grouping of planetoids or planetismals, mostly in the space between Jupiter and Mars. The Asteroids were discovered in the current era of modern Astronomy with the first Asteroid, Ceres, discovered in 1801, twenty years after Uranus. There are now over 22,000 asteroids that are named. Almost 2 million asteroid bodies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter are larger than 1 kilometer. These tiny astronomical objects are invisible to the naked eye. They are thought to be remnants of a planet, perhaps, Jupiter , ejected and fragmented from the exitation. The asteroids were initially named for gods and goddesses, and then eventually named for people, places, concepts and things. ( For a free online 22,000 asteroid ephemeris see astro.com in the extended chart specifications)

Asteroid Pallas Athena

There are no ancient texts to connect to these celestial bodies, yet, there are a myriad of ancient myths, for which the asteroids are named. It is in the study of both modern and ancient astrological systems that we find a mysterious and captivating connective, symbolic relationship to the astronomical bodies that have been given both mythic and mundane names. For example, we have asteroids named Beer, Astrowizard, Richard and Psyche. 

The modern astrological study of asteroids came about through the work of Elenor Bach, who published Asteroid Ephemeris in 1973. This was the first published ephemeris for Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta.  Demetra George recounts that one fateful day at an astrology conference, Elenor gave a copy of her book to her.  As a budding Astrologer, Demetra accepted the book and grew inspired by the idea that the asteroids were named after mythic goddesses. Now a Regulus Award Winner, Demetra authored the work Asteroid Goddesses in 1986. She postulated a theoretical premise that the meaning of the Asteroid is derived from the myth or name, and it’s placement or location in the birth chart.  She noticed that the asteroid name or myth contained  symbolic significance , seemingly random yet synchronistic in correspondence to the life of the native and the natal chart.  Demetra discovered the correlation that the symbolic reference to myth of goddesses and gods is prominent in the life, when the asteroid placement is prominent in the natal chart in some way, especially through conjunctions to luminaries, angles or planets. The asteroid goddesses, when placed accordingly,  contained a prominent expression in the chart, the psyche and the life of the native. 

One further compelling anecdote relates to the finding of the significant and symbolic meaning of the seemingly infinitesimal and insignificant asteroids . A formative discussion took place during the project Hindsight in the 1990‘s, a project to revive ancient Hellenistic practices and translate ancient texts. One of the initiators of this project was the Astrologer and Independent Scholar, Robert Schmidt.   On another fateful day, Demetra casually mentioned to Schmidt that his favorite philosophers had prominent placements in his natal chart. He bristled and scoffed at the idea and then challenged her. He said to her that if she could find a place for asteroids to fit into the ancient cosmology he might be open to it , as a workable idea. This challenge sparked Demetra into an inquiry that led her to ask the question : Could asteroids correlate to Daimon spirits? Daimon spirits in the ancient cosmological world view were, in Demetra’s words, “ semi-divine sprits that were tiny and invisible. There were thousands of them in the Universe. They were the attendants of the planets in the Corpus Hermeticum, who went about taking care of the details of the planetary decrees.” 

 Demetra posed the notion that the Asteroids were the literal, planetoid manifestation of the thousands of tiny, invisible fated planetary decrees, by zodiacal  degree, in the sky vault.  She brilliantly combined the new, emerging ephemerides of modern discovery into the ancient cosmological worldview and found a bridge between the ancient and modern astrological worlds.

Later, she further correlated this idea to the Fates and how they are decreed, in the ancient cosmology. Please visit www.demetrageorge.com  to find an Asteroid resource page, where she has published these anecdotes, interviews, webinars and workshops and more. 

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020

The current events of 2021 harken back to the far reaching Saturn Pluto and Jupiter Saturn conjunctions of 2020. We are still dealing with the aftermath and  consequences of Saturn Pluto conjunction with Wuhan Asteroid in January ( for full analysis see my article published in multiple outlets: Wuhan Asteroid/ A Cautionary Tale, with preface by Demetra George:   https://demetra-george.com/blog/asteroid-wuhan/

There is  good news in the recent conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, what I am calling the “social justice” conjunction, because of the asteroids associated through conjunction. While astrological configurations beyond of 2021 may not be always easy the the overarching energy of this special configuration is one of slow, methodical  growth, hope, positivity and healing.

Pallas Athena

Social Justice

The current astrological omens of the Jupiter Saturn cycle suggest that we can finally see the prospect of freedom at the end of a year of perpetual lockdown, cynicism and governmental mistrust. This conjunction is a start of an approximately 200 year cycle in AIR signs , following a cycle in Earth signs that culminated in the year 2000.   The first preview to Air sign conjunctions was in 1980, when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Libra, bringing up contexts of sexual and social injustice, reform and disruption the status quo.  For example, we witnessed the rise of communication ( Air) technologies of the Apple computer and cellular technology, which eventually gave rise to internet and social media. Computers have changed the way we work, shop, communicate, date and share information. Concurrent with the Air cycle, we have become increasingly reliant on our online world for business, commerce, information and education through the pandemic.  We now see this theme gelling into the current issues that plague society through the malignant power structures symbolized by Saturn and Pluto conjunction. The theme of AIR is expressed in the malignant air-borne pandemic, in addition to sexual , gender and racial injustices and inequalities, cancel culture and misinformation conspiracy campaigns, to name a few. The following analysis is a snapshot of the energies at the time of the current AIR conjunction with relevant asteroid conjunctions. There is some trouble, struggle and turbulence coming through in this cycle, but overall it feels as if an opportunity of truth is afoot. This is a seed chart for the next 20 years and gives us archetypal clues that will play out and fully bloom in this time span. 

Archetypal Remedy 

The Asteroid Goddesses are all on Point this Jupiter Saturn Conjunction set to take place on the Winter Solstice 2020. Pallas Athena Goddess of Strategy and Wisdom  is present and witness to the conjunction and conjoined to it herself at 4’ Aquarius with another asteroid called Sophrosyne . Mythologically, Pallas Athena gave Odysseus a magical herb known as Sophrosyne for immunity to malefic forces at play. Sophrosyne is also a muse/goddess energy signifying moderation, prudence, temperance and self control. An energy of 2020 that we all had to master (self isolation, mask wearing).  I, personally,  see Athena, Goddess of wisdom,(herb)craft and healing, symbolically bestowing a vaccine and immunity to humanity. Pallas was born from the head of Zeus, popped out of his skull as a literal brain child. This, as an idea, invention, innovation, all the necessary elements that can help find a cure for detrimental forces currently plaguing the country.   

The presence of the Athena archetype at this conjunction is introducing a subversive symbol into this power struggle, that is mythologically of divine masculine, father(Saturn-Cronos) and son(Jupiter-Zues), old and new. As the two overlord power archetypes, Jupiter and Saturn lock horns in battle, the conjunction presence of the humanistic goddess archetype, Athena, is offering a 3rd perspective, and inclusive perspective, that offers a resolution.  A new way of equanimity that brings new voices to the table, we may say that a strategy of peace is now at play.  We see the expressed desire for this equanimity as we watch the rise to power around us.  Examples of this subversive power include the rise of first black/ Asian woman Kamala Harris to the 2nd highest office in the country. We also see the first female US Treasury executive,  the rise of the Native American to power into the office of interior secretary, and all women of color elected as lawmakers in the State of New Mexico.  We are witnessing  the rise of the LGBQT communities  to power with a record number of lawmakers in the next session. 

The notion of the humanistic archetypes is that they do not seek to dominate and exclude, as in previous paradigms, but to cooperate and INCLUDE.   Socialistic, humanitarian themes are likely to gain prominence and be challenged, refined, embodied, actuated into new humanistic philosophy and policy. It is my hope that Mutual positive regard and Kindness might actually become fashionable again.  The goddess asteroids are humanistic sentinels in this conjunction chart, holding space for the attendance and comprehension of this shift. Air signs are quick to facilitate this mental upgrade. 

  Saturn in Aquarius- Restricted Air Space 

Both the Sun and Saturn are in Saturn ruled signs at the time of the conjunction, with Jupiter also in service to Saturn. Jupiter gains more dignity that he has had in over a year, in Capricorn, his fall. Jupiter is ruling the moon ( people ) in Pisces and Venus in Sagittarius.  Yet all is still beholden to Saturn, ruling the conjunction and the dominant luminary.  Saturn is powerful in Aquarius, it’s domicile. Here he has all his resources available to him to carry out the will of its’ Archetype, which is the task-master, the party pooper and the planet of limitation and delayed gratification. If one is willing to work hard with diligence, Saturn may finally grant access and gratification. 

The very act of wearing a mask while we look up and witness the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction event in the sky was testament to Saturn in Aquarius and the Restricted Air Space. The mask is symbolic of the presence and witness of Pallas Archetype, strategically providing the protective barrier at the point of entry to the Saturnian Karmic forces seething and expanding thru Jupiterian proliferation in the air spaces around us. The presence of  Pallas Athena, and Sophrysone represent the remedy, preservation of life and strategic blocking malefic Elementals through qualities of prudence and temperance. 

The solar system has been heavily striking and grinding gears with power players in Saturnian Capricorn ,the cold and mountainous Saturnian Domicile. Capricorn is a sign that signifies earth themes and traditional roles, value structures, patriarchal paradigms and status quo constructs. We all have these rigid structures in at least one area of our lives that is undergoing a deep transfiguration, transformation, dissolving and disintegrating. We know that it is time to let go of the broken part of our lives and move toward functional opportunities ahead.  

Other Asteroids present within 2 degrees at this Conjunction in Aquarius show a plethora of strong women and healers: ISIS, Herculina, Sophrosyne, Enid, Liora, Lydia, DevaLUX,  Fran, Anna, Renee, Kelly, Lisa, Amanda Jane, Hermione, Agrippina and KARIN- A Popular Meme ICON for 2020, for those unfamiliar, a “Karin” is a white, middle aged female who gets what she wants, by complaining to the manager…HA HA! the universe has a sense of humor! 

Asteroid Goddesses during the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Ceres was at 8 Pisces, in the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction chart, with Moon, ruled by Jupiter, having just crossed over hours before, indicating possible themes of hunger and nourishment in America, during feasting holidays. We are seeing incredible, long lines at food banks as the government with holds aid to common people ( Moon) . 

Juno conjoined with Venus in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, giving more benefic power and weight to the Benefic side of the battle with Saturn.  Juno is the great and Powerful Goddess with Venus bestows harmony, justice in philanthropic ideals and humanitarian themes.

Vesta in Virgo 18 virgo (nearing USA (Neptune  at 22 virgo) empowers a spiritual quest for fire, passion, meaning and service. Ask yourself what fires you up? What warms your soul? Where does your sacred flame reside? Souls are searching for their highest good and right livelihood, as parts of their former lives fade into the past. This is an opportunity to find that illumination.

 Alien Encounters

At the moment of the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction the planet Venus is  at 6’ Sagittarius with asteroids Yule, Science, Foo (Japanese WW2 Fighter Pilot lingo for UFO) , Swindle, Stargazers, Trollus, florALIEN and Whitehouse. All of these will be Moving to cross US Ascendant within 5 days of Jupiter Saturn conjunction, causing me to pause and wonder what will unfold in this 20 year cycle??

On November 24th , as the Sun was conjunct asteroid

UnivofUTAH, we have had reports of a monolith making mysterious appearances

around the globe in Utah. 

These events and anecdotes demonstrate the general and particular importance of asteroids.  We will continue in the next article to discuss how asteroids are consistently present to describe the nature of events, in specific detail, in the native’s life. Thus, illustrating that the inclusion of Asteroid conjunctions to traditional planets and angles in the astrological chart should not be underestimated. 

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Brenda presents us with a fun fusion of eclectic gifts from distant corners of the galaxy. She is a creative writer, by way of naturalist, herbalist, botanist, anatomist, astrologer and massage therapist. She is a servant and observant of the wild creatures. Her educational background includes an associates degree in English and Creative Writing, with a 6 month in-depth study in Cambridge, England into Shakesphearean literature.

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