An Abolishionists’ * Asteroid Tale*

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

June 4, 2020

15 Sagittarius

Time for another installment of *Asteroid Tales*

In loving memory:

George Floyd

We are currently reeling and in the throws of enormous civil unrest from the senseless murder of  George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN,  happening in the back drop of a Corona Virus Pandemic and lockdown. ( to read the Cautionary Wuhan Tale, please see my article published in March 2020, ). Many states are on the first phase of reopening from lockdown, as the largest numbers of  civil rights protesters on record, showed up to peacefully protest this tragic situation. 

We are feeling a deep shift heralded by the Saturn /Pluto conjunction that happened in January. A lot has happened, we opened the year narrowly avoiding WW3 with Iran, an issue that is still boiling in the background.  A pandemic is raging out of control, with over 100,000 US citizens dead and a 2 Million currently ill. The country experienced a laughable foreshadowing weak wave of protesters demanding haircuts. We were informed that Murder Hornets have landed on US soil from Asia. We have Millions unemployed and facing an economic depression, if not collapse. An election is coming up. Our president is unsympathetic and we have curfews imposed. By the time June 4th rolls around, we are already feeling this eclipse season hitting to the core, and entering us into a new eclipse cycle, which has a broad sweeping time span of up to 6 months. 

The omens of this eclipse are ominous but also hopeful. 

On June 4, 2020, we are experiencing a penumbral (partial shadow) Lunar Eclipse. During a Lunar Eclipse the Earth casts a shadow on the moon and partially blocks the light of the sun ( in mundane astrology the moon represents the common people and general mood , in natal astrology it represents the body or emotions). The Moon (body) is standing across the sky in opposition to the sun ( the symbol of authority/ king) , and the earth (Humanity) moves between these two opposing forces. The moons’ light is blocked by the earth, occulted. The earth is casting it’s own shadow and blocking itself from the light transmitted from Moon and Sun. We are very literally, physically standing in our own way, blocking our own light. This symbology represents the body occulted. In it’s most basic sense, it heralds a shadow, a time of occlusion, and in this case an affront to the common People. The light has been brought to it’s fullest, so exhibits the culmination of the matter, and then is dulled, blocked and withdrawn. It symbolizes times that we can never return to, a burning of bridges, of cutting ties with the past. 

The Sun, the great illuminator, is in Gemini opposing the Moon in Sagittarius. We will also have an exact Mars square to this opposition, at 15 Pisces.  I have found a gaggle of asteroids hanging out in the shadowy Virgo sign at this critical 15th degree, during this eclipse, anchoring and creating a shadow grand cross, rather than the more obvious T- square. This is a time of intense dynamic tension.  Both compelling and provocative, this eclipse configuration with Asteroids is accurately describing the civil unrest and the current moment. Here is a breakdown of the current zodiacal weather:

The Sun 

First, let’s start with a key figure in the eclipse, the original light source, the great illuminator, our Sun. The Sun relates to Authority. This is the entity to which petitions are propounded. As a benefic, it also signifies illumination and discovery of truth. The sun is at 15’ Gemini, the air sign, ruled by Mercury transiting Moon Ruled Cancer (currently approaching a retrograde shadow, and will be a theme revisited over the next 3-6 weeks). The symbology here suggests a deep creative urge to communicate to authorities about Safety and Comfort .  A petition or wish is presented to be safe in ones own abode, and country. The Sun bestows the ability to have keen insight and illumination into a situation and brings things to light.  The brutal incident catalyzing the current moment occurred in broad daylight with witnesses and cameras, so there is no doubt about it. The sun is shining a great metaphoric spot light on an issue that has been plaguing our country since it’s inception, and humanity for millennia, the brutality of racism.   The Sun is conjunct the asteroid UNITAS at 15’ Gemini. The message here is one of UNITY. UNITY for the Black Lives that Matter, and a call for UNITY of all Americans in solidarity to live in safety and peace.  Unity is the requirement here. A commitment to protect and serve ALL, not some.  Also co-present with the Sun is Venus in the sign of Gemini. She is retrograde, so she is in the process of examining relations between people, and revisiting the dynamics to create a more harmonious unions. Venus is now invisible, in detriment and erratic in retrograde, so reflected in the strained relationships and divisiveness of the current moment. Venus hits a cazimi with the Sun the day before the eclipse and begins her journey to be a morning star, purified by the fires of the sun. We may experience a collective, ah HA! moment of Unity, in the day leading up to the eclipse. A desire will be expressed to create UNITY. Venus is conjunct the asteroid FAIR at 11’ Gemini during the Eclipse. Unity and Fairness are the themes. The other Asteroids copresent in Gemini are  (pink) Floyd, Alexandria and Ocasio Cortez ( yes, she has an asteroid named after her) a leader in communicating the benevolent and rational side of governmental support, along with JOE (GO TO BED– yes! this is really the asteroid’s name!) haha Sleepy JOE!- taking on a role in speaking out against police brutality, more so than the current White House occupant. Also SHAUN Asteroid, a civil rights activist in BLM. All people communicating and illuminating the need for immediate change. 

The opposing arm of this grand cross is created by the Moon ( the common People) is opposing the Sun’s Authority, at 15’ Sagittarius, in the sign of Jupiter ( who is in fall, in Capricorn and also retrograde, unable to deliver stable, positive results from his current placement.) A Sagittarius moon is a fiery and passionate moon that wants to advance progressive philosophical ideas. Equality, especially relating to people of foreign cultures ( trafficked/stolen Africans that are now Americans). The Asteroid within 2’ orb of the Moon (common people) is COPS ( coppens)  conjunct 2’ orb AMERICA asteroid!!!  Cops and America and Moon, together, illuminating through the occlusion, an intricate and dangerous tangle. Also co-present in Sagittarius are the Jupitarian and philosophic ideas and Asteroids of  Magnanimity, Mentor, and Opportunity. All near the asteroid AMERICA. The hopeful message here is there is an OPPORTUNITY for AMERICA to choose our African American MENTORS (Black Lives Matter and other Civil Rights Groups for People of Color) to guide us to create Magnanimity, a majestic humanity. Our country could be truly Grand, if our People of Color are safe and protected. We have a great OPPORTUNITY before us, and we must choose well.

The square position in the Grand Cross is the position of Mars at 15’ Pisces. Mars represents our active force, our imperative. Mars is in the emotive and compassionate realm of Pisces and can perform powerful and passionate actions with these themes. He is delivering a message, and is conjunct the asteroid MESSENGER at this eclipse moment. Also the asteroids SWIFT and FORTUNA are close in orb. The asteroid TRUTH is at 22’ conjunct Neptune, when at it’s best can bring about profound spiritual understanding and a fluid cohesiveness of Unity.

Mars, god of war and Revolution!

 In Aries, Mars’ domicile, Mars will soon be retrograde and present here for 6 months this year. Mars is now approaching the asteroids PhaetUSA at 1st degree, followed by Harriet Tubman at 2/4 degrees . Currently ESPERANTO/ POOR/ FIRESTER all at 17’ , with Painleva in orb, lighting up the Aries square to Capricorn. And TROEMPER UNDERHILL, copresent in Aries! Did I read something that Trump was put underground in a bunker ???

This, as fires were started outside the Whitehouse by people in pain, petitioning the cowering, gas-lighting president for help. The next morning he gassed them for a photo opportunity in front of a church, holding a Bible.

Protests outside the WhiteHouse

The fourth Shadow arm that makes this cross is Virgo, which is completely devoid of any planets and light and ONLY contains shadowy, reflective moving bodies of asteroids. Here we find:  SLY ,NEMESIS and IMPERATRIX  ( Imperial Power) all at the 15’ Virgo. Within 1’ orb is McDONALDa, and then copresent within a few degrees is Fanatica and Whitehouse at 22’. The SWINDLE asteroid is exact conjunct with COPITO at 28’.  This speaks to the Sham that COPs  have been instigating on the American People of Color, with the governmental bodies turning a blind eye.  The DIKE the asteroid of Justice is here, at 25′ , this is what is being demanded.


My final bit of research lead me to look to the houses with the recent past eclipses to glean what we are bringing forward  from the last 2 year cycle. In Cancer, the sign of home, care and protection,  we have asteroids AFRICA at 4’, JUSTITIA at 5’ , and MERCURY at 6’, BLACK AT 7 AND WHITE AT 8’ and HAZARD AT 9’.  The need for Justice is communicated by African Americans! Without it it creates a Black and White Hazard! Incredible synchronicity and correspondence!!!…. This is our sky right now, people!!


 Finally Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct the healing Centaur Charliko, Chiron’s wife, the one willing to hold space and apply healing balms and make special preparations for the healing this moment. This moment will take a time to heal. This is near the VERITAS asteroid, underscoring the truth. The George asteroid is co-present at 5′. And finally, the Pallas Athena Asteroid at the 29th Critical degree, bringing in the qualities of protection, wisdom and strategy into critical play. 

Finally, Uranus is exactly conjunct Mason Dixon in Taurus.  The Mason-Dixon Line represented the goal line the slaves had to get across to find freedom. Uranus is electrifying this asteroid with surprise, upheaval and a rebellious freedom cry!

Stay tuned for the next eclipse in this series, coming in as a Total Solar Eclipse at 0’ Cancer where the moon is in Domicile but combust the sun, the bodies of the common people are still the theme, and will continue throughout this summer’s eclipse season. We cannot go back, we can only move forward. My best advice is to listen to our Black allies, declare solidarity, demand justice and protection for Black Lives. Follow their lead. Protest Peacefully, but Protest, nonetheless! And VOTE!!! It is in our stars…

Foot Note: “Asteroid Tales”, a term coined by Demetra George, from her pioneering work with the Asteroids. I dedicate all my asteroid research to her, for without her I would not be so illuminated to the uncanny correspondences that accurately define and describe our current events.  Please see for an amazing education in asteroids.

A Donation : 100% of the proceeds from subsequent readings generated from interest this report will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

I am available for personal readings by appointment.

Brenda Wilson, Good Heavens Astrology

Published by Good Heavens Astrology

Brenda presents us with a fun fusion of eclectic gifts from distant corners of the galaxy. She is a creative writer, by way of naturalist, herbalist, botanist, anatomist, astrologer and massage therapist. She is a servant and observant of the wild creatures. Her educational background includes an associates degree in English and Creative Writing, with a 6 month in-depth study in Cambridge, England into Shakesphearean literature.

2 thoughts on “An Abolishionists’ * Asteroid Tale*

  1. Absolutely right on…. congratulations Brenda… you are on fire… my Husband is having a knee replacement surgery on Friday… I will text you to have my chart done when life allows … love and light to you and Demetra…keep shing your light….Linda H

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    1. Hi Linda!! Oh Thank you for reading here, it means so much to me! I appreciate your warm response. I will be thinking of you and your husband on Friday, sending good thoughts….That would be so fun to do a chart reading for you. I would enjoy that! I will donate part of the proceeds to the BLM cause. Thank you! Love and Light to you! xo B


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